What’s in a name?


My husband says to me at least three times a week, “How have you survived this long?” and “How are you still alive?”. Whether he was reffering to the time my early morning, solo dance party resulted in a nearly severed toe, or the time a screwdriver started on fire in my oven, is irrelevant. (WHY was there a screwdriver in my oven?? Who knows.) Bottom line, it’s always an adventure. I basically almost die doing everyday things on a regular basis.

Crafting and DIY-ing will always be my jam… my bread and butter. But I have so much more to share with you guys! And, let’s be honest, I don’t have the attention span to only talk about one thing all the time. So, I guess we’ll call this a lifestyle blog. I sometimes wear clothes, have a passion for make-up and hair-dos, occasionally I cook food, and my toddler says hilarious stuff daily. So, here goes nothin’! Let’s get this party started!

A little about me…


I can’t be taken seriously. Ever. I’m a stay-at-home mom to two babes. Motherhood is by far the most amazing and scary adventure I have ever embarked upon and I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong most days…but I think that goes with the territory. I’m married to a big ginger hunk, Jesse. I like big beards and I cannot lie. Being married to him is the funnest (I heard it’s a word, now.) thing I’ve ever done. Seriously. He puts up with my “quirks” like nobody’s business and helps me appear as though I’ve really got my stuff together. He’s pretty great.

I have AT LEAST 27 unfinished projects at any given time. Craft or die!

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