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Bow Tie Bash

I had the best intentions to post all about my Little Son’s first birthday party right after it happened. I really, truly did. That was over a month ago. Better late than never, right?!

I’m still kind of in mourning. I can’t believe he’s already one! It went by so fast! A blink, really, and that year is gone. I think maybe I’m so emotional about it because I know he’s my last. I’ll never again have that tiny, snuggly baby bundle sleeping peacefully in my arms. Just these wriggly, stinky, little people climbing all over me like I’m a jungle gym. Don’t get me wrong, I love this stage, too… but I really will miss those baby days.

Enough sap, let’s party!DSC_0727.NEF

I made the invitations with a few scrapbooking supplies and washi tape.

I had planned for I swear the first half of the year to do a pie (Pi 3.14) themed party since he was born on 3-14 and shares his birthday with Einstein, but somehow, like MANY other things since birthing two children, I forgot. :/ We had a Bow Tie Bash instead.

To eat, we had bowtie pasta with either marinara or chicken alfredo, green salad, and garlic bread. So easy and perfect for the bow tie theme! I didn’t get any pictures of the food because everyone who came was apparantly famished. 😉 I did, however, get a picture of the cute silverware bowties…DSC_1097.NEF

All it took was some square napkins and a little washi tape!

I printed a bunch of blank paper bow ties and had markers so everyone could create their own bow tie. I used these as the centerpieces for the tables. Two birds, one stone.DSC_1085.NEFDSC_1100.NEFIt kept everyone entertained while we sat and watched a one year old stuff his face with frosting, too. I could have watched it for hours, but I know, that’s kind of a parents thing. Everyone else was probably thinking, Um…when can I stuff my own face with frosting?! AMIRIGHT??DSC_0804

One thing that I REALLY wanted to do was get a picture of him and have it blown up on one of those huge industrial prints from Staples and play ‘Pin The Bowtie on Lars’, but it didn’t happen. :( So please, DO IT and tell me and send me all the pictures so I can live vicariously viKARIously through you! K? Thanks!

The massive bow tie pinata that I did get around to making was a huge hit, although next time I probably won’t use duct tape. Oops! Good thing I’ve got some strong hitters in my family. 😉DSC_0920.NEF

Of course, it’s a birthday… so let’s talk presents. For both this birthday and my daughters first birthday I included on the invitation a request that if guests wished to bring a gift, instead of clothes or toys they would outgrow, would they please bring a book… new or used! We got Lars a new bookshelf and now he has a HUGE collection of books that he will be able to enjoy for YEARS! And, it is so fun for the little cousins to pick out a favorite book from their own collection that they wish to pass along!

My most favorite part of his party wasn’t even planned at all. I covered all of the tables with brown craft paper, just because I liked the way it looked compared to plastic table clothes. Since I had all the markers on the tables, everyone started writing little notes and Happy Birthdays to Lars. I just love it!! 20789_10206435962277101_178398831407329245_nAwww! Feelings!

Next up…. Saylor B turns 3! She’s requested a Mac & Cheese party. 😉 Stay tuned!


“You’re a Gem” DIY Salt Dough Valentines

DIY Salt Dough Valentine

Getting jewelry for Valentine’s Day just feels good… but since Saylor STILL hasn’t gotten a job, we couldn’t afford real jewels for her valentines (a.k.a. cousins). I know, it’s ridiculous. She’s almost 3…she’s really gotta get it together! 😉

Since we’re working with a small budget we made do with a little salt dough and some acrylic paint. And to be honest, you can’t even tell they’re fakes! You’d be hard pressed to find a jeweler that could.

So here’s what we did…

We started out with a little salt dough…

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup water (add 1/4 cup at a time)
    -mix together, roll out on wax paper and cut into shapes (I found that it’s easier to work with if you put it in the fridge for a few minutes), transfer wax paper to baking sheet and bake in oven on 275 until hard but not brown, about two to three hours

I didn’t have a diamond cookie cutter so I used a pizza cutter and a cheese cutter to make my shapes. Don’t forget the holes to string the necklace…straws work great!



DSC_0303Once they were done baking and cooled I painted them with acrylic paint. Some of the edges were very sharp so I used sand paper to smooth them out a little bit before painting. Wouldn’t want one of these being used as a shank, ya know? Safety first. After the acrylic paint dried I finished them off with a clear coat of spray paint.


I had some strips of suede leftover from another project so that’s what we used to make the necklace…Just fed it through the hole and tied a knot, nothing fancy.


See what I mean?! Can’t even tell they’re not the real deal! The clarity is phenomenal!

You can print the ‘You’re a Gem.’ cards [HERE].

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings! I hope you enjoyed these DIY salt dough valentines! You REALLY are a gem!


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