DIY Stamped Wooden Necklace

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Wood has always been my favorite DIY medium. I think that’s why I love this DIY Stamped Wooden Necklace so much!

It’s super affordable and only took me a few minutes to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Stamped Wooden Necklace

small wooden pieces with holes drilled
small alphabet stamps
-ink pad (I used brown)
-clear coat spray paint
-necklace chain and small rings to attach wooden pieces

DIY Stamped Wooden Necklace

Now get stamping!

Once you’ve finished stamping the wood pieces, make sure you finish them off with a coat or two of clear spray paint or polyurethane to protect them.

Then, just add them to the chain and you’re done.

Easy peasy!

DIY Stamped Wooden Necklace

I made this one that says ‘nope.’ and added a fun leather tassel, too.

DIY Stamped Wooden Necklace

And this one with my kids’ (Saylor + Lars) initials.

I LOVE how they turned out! Wouldn’t they be so perfect for a Mother’s Day present?

Act surprised, Mom. 😉


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