Why My Family Is Going To Ireland For 2 Months

Did you hear the news?! We’re going to Ireland…for 2 MONTHS! This plan has been in the works for almost a year now and we get almost the same response from everyone…


Why are me and my family going to Ireland for two months?

It really all boils down to WHY NOT??

A little background on our situation- I stay at home with our two kids (Saylor- age 4 and Lars- age 2), having solo dance parties while doing dishes, and working on my blog when I can make the time. Although it is possible to monetize a blog, at this point my blog is not a major source of income for us. I work at an insurance agency seasonally (during open enrollment) as well. My husband has a great job, but it is very demanding and sometimes quite stressful. Currently, and for the past 11 years my husband has worked an average of 60+ hours a week.

In no way are we “wealthy”, but we do have a stable income and want for very little. But at what cost? Time. We are simply trading time for the things we buy, the house we live in, the cars we drive, etc. One day, I took a step back and realized that my husband and I were just working to live. He goes to work early every morning only to come home late, eat dinner, go to bed and wake up and do it all over again. (If you’re wondering why I don’t just get a full time job outside of the home, too, to help supplement his income… take a quick peek and daycare prices and you’ll understand.)

I’m not complaining at all…I realize this is part of life and adulthood and the responsibility that comes along with it. But that can’t be all there is!  I promise, it’s not!

Many people have hopes and dreams and goals that they think will happen someday. They say after retirement they’ll travel. Once things slow down at work they’ll be able to spend more time with their family. Once this happens or that happens, THEN they’ll do the things that truly bring them happiness. But the reality is that for most people “someday” doesn’t ever come. They simply run out of time.

We're going to Ireland

We just decided that our someday is NOW. We aren’t going to wait to realize our dreams. We are working hard to make the most of our lives now. I’m not saying that to live life to the fullest you have to take your family to Europe for two whole months, but for now, that’s what it looks like for us.

But, why Ireland?

We usually get asked one or more of the following-

“Do you have family there?” No.

“Do you know anyone there?” No.

“Is that where your ancestors are from?” Mostly no. My husband does have one great great great great grandfather who was Irish, but apparently he was a two-timing son of a gun so we don’t know much about him.

We're going to Ireland!

Ireland has always been a source of intrigue for both my husband and I. I am so excited to experience the culture and see the amazing landscape there. I will say though, that at least for me, I hope that Ireland is just the first of many new places that me and my family will get to experience.

And I just really love Lucky Charms and Irish whiskey, so it just felt right. 😉

Why so long??

This is probably the hardest for people to understand. It has taken a lot of work for us to make this happen (more on that later) and we really want to get as much out of this experience as possible. We decided that we want to fully experience what life is like in Ireland, not just as tourists. Two months still probably isn’t enough time to FULLY experience life like a local, but it’s a lot better than two days.


When you really think about the whole of your life, two months really isn’t THAT long. And…logistically and financially, we’re getting a lot more bang for our buck by staying for an extended period of time. More on that later, too.

This is just Part 1… the why. I’ll be back later this week to give you all the deets on exactly HOW we’re making this whole thing happen!

Stay tuned, babes!


  • Rachel Teodoro January 16, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I’m so very excited for you guys! I think it’s the perfect trip at just the right time. Your kids are going to get so much out of it. I can’t wait to follow your adventure.

  • Sara January 17, 2017 at 8:30 am

    I think it’s wonderful! I would love to do this!

  • Amanda S. January 17, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Sounds awesome! I’d love to hear all about it.

  • Tansy Walker January 17, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    Keep writing. This is really interesting! Can’t wait for the next one

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