Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa

This Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa is the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day!

Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday?! I swear Christmas was just last week.

If you’ve known me for any length of time or you’ve visited the blog before, you’re probably aware of my love for champagne. It’s no secret. I just love it so much and I love using it to make fun and delicious cocktails like this Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa.

Making your own Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa is super easy!

Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa

If you like your cocktails on the sweeter side, add the sugar. I like them both ways but usually leave the sugar out… mostly because I’m lazy. I mean, really,  who has the time? 😉 Another option- (get ready for me to blow your mind) use frozen strawberry jam in place of the strawberry puree and sugar! Ground breaking stuff, people.

If you don’t like the seeds in your drink you could always strain the fruit purees. I personally like the seeds so I don’t bother straining.

Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa

How perfect would these mimosas be for a quiet Valentine’s Day date at home?! I plan on having these this weekend since my little family and I will be boarding a plane the morning of  Valentine’s Day to embark on our two month Ireland adventure. (You can read all about that HERE.) If you ask me, mimosas go with everything… including packing.

You can also print your own XOXO print HERE.

Kiwi Strawberry Mimosa

For those of you needing another reason to make these delicious babies… there’s fresh fruit so they’re really healthy AF.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Babes!


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