S’more Shots

It’s Hump Day Happy Hour! Welcome! Forget your troubles, kick back around the fire, roast some marshmallows and enjoy these amazing s’more shots! S'more ShotsOne of my favorite things about my backyard is our fire pit. I love having friends over and sitting around the fire…and of course, making s’mores! This “recipe” is super easy. You’ll need the s’more making essentials (check out my radi DIY roasting sticks HERE)- graham crackers, chocolate bar, and marshmallows. And some Kalhua.

S'more Shots

Prepare your graham cracker with the chocolate and roast your marshmallow. Once your marshmallow is roasted (or in my case burnt to a crisp), let it cool a little and poke your finger,  or small spoon if you’re real fancy, into the top and hollow it out creating a “cup”….kinda. Then fill ‘er up! S'more ShotsYour marshmallow cup won’t be leak proof so you’ll want to eat it immediately.

Now, repeat until entire bag of marshmallows is gone. 😉 Kidding! …or am I?

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