Spiked Orange Julius

I don’t know about you, but I could use a stiff drink. Who cares if it’s only 10 am on a Wednesday morning! Life is hard, guys…especially on weekdays! So, I’ve decided to help ease the stress with a little something I like to call “Hump Day Happy Hour”. Every Wednesday I’ll be posting a new recipe. Feel free to wait til after 5 or the weekend if that’s the kind of person you are. Just do yo thang!

Spiked Orange Julius

Generally, I’m not much of a liquor drinker. I usually stick with wine, or when I’m feeling extra fancy…cheap champagne. For some reason I’ve been in the mood to mix up some new treats and I gotta say, it’s been going pretty great. The latest tasty treat was this super easy Spiked Orange Julius. Seriously, it’s so easy! And equally delicious. Try it! You deserve it. You really do.

Spiked Orange JuliusSpiked Orange Julius Recipe

This recipe makes about 4 drinks… if you choose to share, or one big one if you’re really thirsty. 😉

Spiked Orange Julius

If slushy isn’t your thing, mix up the orange juice per instructions on the can, add the vodka, vanilla extract and pour over ice! Either way, it’s delish! Cheers! See you next week for another Hump Day Happy Hour! Good luck til then. 😉


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